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19th-Mar-2013 07:16 pm - Randomness? Diary, I guess. TWT
I went out to meet some yaoi fan-girls friends yesterday. 2-3 years ago we were all KHR fans. We talked and screamed over the same thing. Times passed and I guess I’m the only one not feeling as much for KHR. Still love it, yes but nothing beats HxH now. Majority of conversation were hold by them, on Pycho Pass topic, which I’m feeling so so at the moment. Thank god, since I went to Melbourne, I learned not to allow myself the feeling of being left out. I did have fun yesterday.

Still, I can’t help the feeling of jealousy. Especially of Kuroko’s fans. I’m not into that anime at all. Been urged to watch by this friend but in my POV, Slam Dunk is ways better. And I just heard from one of my readers/friend that anime event in Hong Kong sells doujinshi 70% of Kuroko. Urg, I can so relate to her. I’m jealous and sad. I know when I first started writing HxH I only have friends with KuroKura fans online. But after I left that fandom (my bad, yes) and went for KHR, I found friends who have become like a real friends. We always encouraged each other and I drew bunch of KHR doujinshi because of them and because of the other readers I have here. We meet in the event and I’ve never felt so great as a doujinshi writer in my life. At that time, I knew if I were to die, I’ll die alright.

Now? I’m off KHR fandom, and so did the readers. One thing I’ve learned from this is my value. I only have it when I write or draw something. Aside from a group of Yaoi fangirls that we have a chance to meet and luckily our house are near, other readers that claimed to be a die hard fans are no longer. Which is totally understandable because I no longer check out on my idol too. But it’s just sad.

There are times I don’t feel like continuing with things I left unfinished. Is it worth it? is it a waste of time? Because that’s what my parents keep telling me. There are times when I don’t even feel like living. I know the whys because I’ve got this before. Because I haven’t got a real job yet. Because the relationship of my HS friends whom I have faith is crumbling. And because I have no KuroKura fans to talk face to face.

I know I ought to fix myself but then again, even now I don’t feel like doing much except typing this out to help rid the feelings out of my system a little.  
I thought I'm going to update in FB, but I'll try with this one along :D

So I just started another KuroKura fic again, despite not having yet finished the old ones. When there's a sudden urge to write, I just have to write. Haven't named the title yet, but it's going to be about Kurapika haunting Kuroro. Literally.

I've just finished Sunshine next chapter as well. Now it's in the hand of my beta. Hopefully I'll get the edited version back soon.

As for fanart, I decided to make Kuroro wear this as his "Danchou" attire in Sunshine

kuro cargo box - s

and first two pages for Sunshine:

sh 1-1-2

2nd page: Kuroro bleed on the wrong cheek, my bad :P

I'm not sure whether to dress a young Kurapika up or not.

Here I explained that Kurapika wasn't in his tribal attire when he fought Kuroro. That's why he couldn't dig to his own past :)

Geez, I really miss these two in original manga XO I haven't realized until a friend (lil sis) mentioned they'd been gone, especially Kuroro, for like 10 years since they last appeared. TTATT. I'm still awaiting Phantom Rouge more than anything. I have heard from most people that it wasn't that good, but still...it's HxH and I want it!

Tomorrow's Leorio's birthday, gotta create FB fan page XD

I posted this chapter here because fanfiction.net didn't keep the format that I did in this chapter. Please review? Either here or there ^^ Thanks and enjoy?

Special thanks to Yumii for beta-reading

Chapter 4 Invisible Wall

Not a sound emitted from his throat when the clenching sensation was registered.

Kuroro came to be aware of this. Unlike the boy’s previous, countless threats and attempts to kill him, this time…he could…he would. The vicious contact gripping around his throat was yelling that fact out loud.

He realized that his ability to respond was limited. His movement restricted, as well as his words. This sensation that he’d felt almost a year ago was ingrained in his memory. Even the sound of it, he remembered well. His using of gyou had confirmed it.

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Finally, something to upload. I reaaaally want to be more active in LJ, and of course, fanfiction.net. since I came back from Melbourne, I’m still job-less and wonder why I can’t manage time to be more active here and there in fanfiction. I do write and read all the time. Maybe I’m just slow ^^”

So I’m back to drawing doujinshi. I’m so rusty. First two pages I drew are from Atlantic, a request from Kusarihime.

alt dou - why would i 1

alt dou - why would i 2

Words might be a bit different since I just drew when I felt like it and didn’t go back to read my fic again (gonna take more time).

Few pages of doujin I’ve drawn didn’t come out the way I expected. Rusty, rustyyyy. Anyhow, it’s a start. I’ll try to get back on track with it.

Another page I drew for Atlantic chapter 1: where Kurapika wants to use his holy chain for Kuroro.

s - sai atl dou 1

in my fic, his hair is up, but i can't draw it, so only in doujin, his hair will be down *ORZ*III

I’m doing one more scene for Atlantic chapter 2 where Kuroro get pepper shaker. LOL, have to do that.

and some playing with SAI brush

fa kurokura chain
i drew this one after drawing doujin and wasn't sure about their clothes. i mentioned about Kurapika not wearing Kuruta clan clothes because he feels bad since when he was forced to join Spiders. and Kuroro gives him clothes :) as for Kuroro, god help me, i can't draw his hair up without looking silly. so i draw his hair down for a time being until i'm better in drawing his full Danchou mode.

All for this is practicing to get the rust out of me. I think I’ll draw some original (not according to any fics I’m writing. Might be related but can be read alone) doujin. I just met up with a friend who I used to draw KHR doujin with, and she said ‘don’t you wanna return?’ to doujinshi-ing of course. Along with you lovely readers who have interest in my fanart, i wanna draw again. after a few practice of doujinshi-ing my own fic, I’ll do a more refine ones. Hope I’ll shake my rust off ><

21st-Oct-2012 10:26 pm - [HxH Fanart] Kuroro Kurapika Sketch

I'm so in love with these two now >[]<. Now that I've watched HxH 2011, I came back to writing fanfiction and I’ll also draw doujinshi on Kuroro and Kurapika. Although I think version 1999 is ways better, this 2011 version inspired me lot, enough to make me fell in love with HxH again after having lost interest for 3 years. Guess I’d have to put KH aside for now.

Here’s the random sketch.

with my own lineart.

with the anime lineart

I really need to work on Kuroro’s hair when it slicked back. I love him with that hair style too but it’s difficult for me to draw without it looking weird -*-.

Any HxH / KuroKura fans out there? I’d like to get to know more HxH fellows XD 

Finally, some pages of KH doujin ><. I must admit that for a moment there, I thought it might take longer to get at least one chapter done…since now I am so addicted to No.6. Happens that I haven't come up with a decent plot for No.6 doujin yet (with anime being so short, there's not much space for me left to imagine any plot for doujin, dammit!), so I still feel like giving KH doujinshi a go XD.
Also, all thanks to 2 lil sis (so to say) who brought me quite a few thai KH doujin (at that time when KH was popular in Thailand and ppl wrote Doujin, I wasn't there T.T) to read on last Sunday animanga event. I felt so perked up, especially the one written by Miist (I think she's in DA too?). I haven't laughed this much from Thai Doujin for so long (the last one being FF doujin). Once I came home, I started on my KH doujin and here it is.


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Thank you for all of your feedback for last doujin. I'm happy that at least I can still find some response here in LJ, though my usual blog kinda lack all the response I used to get when I was writing KHR doujin. Heh heh, and yes, especially thanks to those that still sticks with me from one doujin to another.

All right, her I got the preview for 2 KH doujin that I'll be writing done. Both are AU and both are very long stories, it could be over 100 pages and would take years to finish but I'm looking forward to it ><.

First one is:


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25th-Nov-2011 05:52 pm - [Doujinshi] KH - Will (Riku/Sora)
Some doujin finally. I've posted this in DA, thought they'd be more audience there. Yet some prob is that I might not be able to do it sequentially on DA system. Maybe LJ will make it easier to read as Doujin. So here, I'll give it a shot and see which one is better to post next and next KH doujin. At first, I wanted to post here and there, but it might be too much of time consuming. Oh well ^^"
This happens in 358/2 days
Read from left to right 

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Hello there,

So after having only drawn KHR doujin for almost 2 years, I'm heading back to Kingdom Hearts. But I still have quite a few KHR doujin that I want to translate at "kurobon' LJ page (http://kurobon.livejournal.com), I figure I'll post some KH here instead. 'bonbonpich' is my real online name and I wan the best for KH anyways :)

Meanwhile, I'm back in writing my KH fanfiction (http://bonbonpich.fanfiction.net), and will soon make it a doujinshi. KH trend may not be as popular as it is years back then, so, if anyone knows about any community that has KH fans in it, please do let me know. I don't have many friends in person that like KH, and I'd love to look for a KH crowd XD especially KH fans, RikuSora and AxelRoxas if I might add ^^.

Oh right, I'm saying hi to everyone, I don't know what to introduce about me, maybe next time, maybe not needed? :P

As of now, I've done a little KH fanart for Halloween.

I tried SAI painting for the first time, it's cooler for painting than photoshop, not that I'm good in any, but oh well :)
I wanna do Riku too, but he doesn't have Halloween form, and I suck designing :P

Hey, if you like it and want more, do say something so I could keep myself going. If you don't, it's okay too, yeah. I'd just appreciate visitors who say something rather than adding friends to see the stuff and never say anything, it's sad :(
24th-Dec-2009 11:14 am(no subject)

Back there I forgot my pw here and had created a new one under the name of 'kurobon' but 'bonbonpich' is my real online name. Since I don't want to go with all the trouble of getting 15$ token to move the entries here, pls visit: 


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